Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thank You, ICOIL!

Well, I started this blog a few months back as a way that I, a simple resident of Indiana, could share my take on the Disability Rights world with the rest of the country. I would have been satisfied if just one person read what I had to say and was more aware of the IL community.

But I'm very proud to say that a bit more than just one person is interested in what I have to say. Quite a bit more. Traffic around here has skyrocketed. What sparked the interest? Well, according to my server logs, the ICOIL story seems be the reason.

So as hard as the Indiana Statewide IL Council tries to subtly change the rules, lie, hide what they do etc., it's not so subtle. People are watching you. Lots of people. What you're trying to do isn't a secret. Just ask my readers all over Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington D.C., Alaska, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, New Hampshire, Nebraska .... well, you get the idea.


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