Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dee Ann Hart Is Concerned

So last month when the corrupt Indiana IL Council was too scared to go to the meeting and sent Dee Ann Hart instead, at first she didn't want to stay. She threw a fit and walked out of the room. Members of ADAPT and the rest of the audience followed her out into the hall to plead with her to stay and at least hear what they had to say. Since she's not allowed to make decisions on her own, I was surprised to find out that she eventually decided to return.

But not before throwing a fit out in the hallway and insulting fellow council member Teresa Torres. After being asked to talk louder because of Torres' hearing impairment, Hart said "You need to address your issues. Go to counseling or something you have a lot of issues than need to be fixed"

You can see the (very) low quality video below.

Wow. Very professional. Very appropriate. Well, Dr. Dee Ann Hart, Ph.D seeing as how there are millions of people in this country that DO have mental and psychological disabilities, throwing that phrase out there in a derogatory way is something that I'm sure lots of people would find insulting.

Aside from the hundreds of visitors that read this blog daily, I will share this with mental health providers across the state and show them what kind of person we're dealing with here and that Indiana has appointed to a council that addresses the needs of people with disabilities.

Enjoy! And remember, This woman is supposed to be a statewide representative of all disabled people in Indiana.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yep, I'm Still Here

So I know I told you guys in my last post that I'd have the new ICOIL meeting uploaded and whatnot but I'm sorry to say that It just hasn't happened yet. I haven't even had any time to report on any other stories in the last few weeks. SO MUCH is going on in the Indiana IL movement that we're all kind of on overload.

So I promise, I've got lots of updates on ICOIL and the puppets on the council. I've got stories about the fight for accessible transportation in Northwest Indiana and so much more. I've got video and audio coming soon as well. Our crew has also been doing interviews for all kinds of media outlets across the whole country.

So in the mean time, Ill plug some other great sites you all need to check out.

http://www.chaironwheels.com/blog/ - A great site by disability rights advocate Kevin Gadsey

http://nickdupree.blogspot.com/ - Another great site by another one of the good guys, Nick Dupree.

And if you're dying to read more about the fraud, corruption, lies and bribery of the Indiana SILC check out Secretary Ramona Harvey's http://www.onecandream.com/ICOIL/

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ICOIL Is Not L33t But I Am.

Well, the Indiana SILC pulled a fast one on us yesterday! Yesterday, residents of Indiana along with ADAPT from Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania came to watch. The only problem was that the Council wasn't present at the meeting! Well, except Jodi James, Ramona Harvey and Teresa Torres who came with the public.

But the funny thing was, the council couldn't have been more present in the room yesterday. If every member showed up hiding behind Groucho Marx glasses I would have probably been MORE likely to say 'Gee, where is everyone?'

You see, Dee Ann Hart and Carol Baker were sent to the meeting pretending that they didn't know there wouldn't be a quorum. Hart even went as far as to straight up tell everyone she didn't know where everyone else on the council was. You gotta give them credit for showing up. I mean, it really was like a scene in one of those war movies where the Coward Sergeant throws one of his soldiers on the grenade to save his own life. Only instead of a soldier, ICOIL threw Dee Ann and Carol into the meeting for them.

But as brilliant and sneaky as the ICOIL members are, I knew they wouldn't be there. And I know where they all were during the meeting. How do I know? Well, because I'm a genius. And while I'm at it, I give you an example of some of the fun tidbits I know about you all.

Carol Baker and Nancy Young, which one of you tech-savvy computer professionals still use Windows 2000? I know it's at least one of you. Am I wrong? No. And while you're at it, using a screen resolution of 600X800 is so windows 98. You should go up to at least 768 x 1024. Also, you use MSIE 6 but Internet Explorer sucks. Upgrade. And why do you sometimes send out emails to the council but exclude certain people? I know the rest of the board does also, but some of what you guys have to say about other people on that board is just wrong. hmm..

And ATTIC, when you went onto Dimenet Monday Nov. 6th afternoon at 2:03:36 PM and read my post and then clicked the link to my blog, by that time you obviously knew what our plans were. ADAPTIndiana@yahoo.com that's me. Still not convinced? Ok, you use Safari 1.2 for your Mac OS X. Well, sometimes you also use firefox.

And greatest of all, my best friend, Keith Coros is a huge fan of this website. Oh, and you there in Tere Haute. Psst...yea, you. I saw you on here November 2nd 200610:46:00 AM. I like YOUR system specs, but switch to firefox.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yea.

Lesson #1 We're not stupid.
Lesson #2 Hiding yourself and sending your pawns into battle for you shows great leadership and is worthy of great respect.
Lesson #3 You can't hide in the world wide web.

I will have the full video up by the weekend. Along with the fight out in the hallway, the VERY nice police (seriously, they were great) and of course, more arguing. Meanwhile that sound you hear is the sounds of people rotting away in nursing homes. Something which ICOIL has the power to help change.

Give me a few days and I'll be back with full video and audio from today's meeting.
update: Wow. Nobody wasted any time today checking out this blog and the ECCIL website. And to the nice woman who works for the state down there in Indianapolis, when you ran a search for "teresa torres indiana" this morning at 9:52 AM, what were you looking for? All it did was bring you right to my "Long Awaited October ICOIL Meeting" post.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now This Is News.

I heard something earlier about today being election day. I'm not really sure so I'm going to have to check into that. But what I do know is that today it's with great regret that I tell you that Britney Spears has filed for divorce from her husband of 2 years Kevin Federline. Hey, don't shoot me I'm just the messenger.

source: yahoo news

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Warner Brothers Sinks To A New Low

I wanted to write another ICOIL story today, but my computer won't let me because it's sick of hearing about ICOIL. But the joke's on you, computer, because I've got a ton of more ICOIL stuff on the back burner. Anyway, onto today's story.

First there was Easter Seals. Then there was Jerry's Kids. Now it seems that there's a new player in the 'exploitation of poor innocent disabled kids' game. Warner Brothers.

In the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie "Blood Diamond" WB filmed in South Africa and used about 30 kids who were all amputees. In exchange for their appearance they were promised prosthetic limbs. The only problem is that shooting has alread wrapped and WB hasn't made good on their promise. According to the New York Post:

"...months after filming ended, Mnisi and his fellow amputees were still waiting. When they asked Warner Bros. about the promised prosthetics, they were allegedly told, "You will have to wait for December, when the movie comes out, so we can get some publicity out of it."

A local African charity, Eastern Cape, came to the rescue when it heard of the amputees' cruelly dashed hopes, and outfitted them with limbs paid for by the organization. Eastern Cape has said that if Warner Bros. does finally come through with the money, it will go to 27 other deserving amputees."

Some people are calling for a boycott of the movie but what good is that really going to do? 'Diamond' director Ed Zwick responded to the accusations which you can read HERE. I started to read it myself, but I felt the smoke getting blown up my ass after the first few sentences so i stopped.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Keith Coros Doesn't Believe Me

Well, I kind of saw this coming. Surprisingly enough, I've gotten some criticism for writing this blog. But none as laughable as my most recent acquisition. It seems that ICOIL member Keith Coros thinks that what I write about him and ICOIL are slanderous, fabrications and lies. He also has accused the director of the Everybody Counts CIL of the same and has even accused her having her "cronies" write these articles. (I'm guessing that would be me.)

When reached for comment, Keith started crying and whining. Then he threw his bottle across the room and shook his rattle really loud! He then stuck his thumb in his mouth and pouted. But then somebody came running with a big sucker for Keith to calm him down.

Not that I really need to explain myself, but I will. I don't know how much more clear I can make this but there is only one person who writes content for this blog. There's only one person who maintains this site, does research for it and tracks statistics for it. I'll give you one guess who that person is. Go ahead, take your time. I'll wait for you to call the people who boss you around and ask them what you should say.

Ok, ready? Here it goes: ME! I am the sole person who writes for Seriously IL. I find my own content and documents and I publish them. If you look at the top right corner of your computer screen and see that dashingly handsome young man looking back at you, that's me! I live in Valparaiso, Indiana completely capable of living, working, and, most importantly, thinking on my own. NOBODY tells me what to write on here.

Here's the problem with accusing me of "Slander", Keith. If I say something that I can't backup with proof then that's considered slander. However, if I say something about you and I have video, audio email or any kind of documentation to backup what I am saying then that's neither lie nor slander. Besides, read the top of this page. These are satirical stories. Satire.

I guess I could end every post with "The preceding story is entirely false." but with pics, video and documents to the contrary it's kind of hard to do that. Feel free to click on my profile and email me or just reply at the bottom of this post so you can whine and cry say whatever you want to me. And out of curiosity, Mr. Coros, where did I slander you or lie? I get hundreds of visitors to this site. So enlighten us. Please

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One of us is a Liar.

You know, they say that history is only as accurate as the stories told by those who write the history books. There are people who say the Holocaust never happened or that Martin Luther King was a racist and a thief. These people just can not and will not accept things for what they are. They think that if it comes out of their mouths it must be true. But it's hard for me to understand that logic in this, the modern age of technology, what with all the hi-tech gadgets like video cameras, digital cameras and computers.

My point is that I tracked hundreds of people coming to this site to read Monday's story of October's very colorful, heated, loud, argumentative Indiana SILC meeting. I provided video, pictures and audio clips. Add to that my witty and brilliant commentary and you've got yourself a story!

But some people still refuse to acknowledge how that meeting really went down. Yesterday council member Al Tolbert of the Southern Indiana CIL sent out THESE MINUTES to members of the council. Feel free to take a peek at them. Here's what they say in a nutshell:

1. meeting was called to order
2. agenda was approved
3. last few month's minutes were passed
4. recess
5. cops came asked everyone to leave
6. meeting adjourned

Now, maybe Tolbert was at a different meeting than the one I was at, but I'm guessing he left a few things out. I wonder why? Actually I take that back. I know why. We all know why.

It's because the meeting was going so well, everyone was holding hands and smiling at each other and a little cartoon bird from the movie Bambi came in through the window and landed right on Al's shoulder. They talked about how great it was that HUD has agreed to support the creating of more affordable, accessible housing and just then - BAM! the police asked everyone to leave. Just like that. I can understand his disappointment.

I think Tolbert and the rest of the council don't want to acknowledge ADAPT. He thinks that if he leaves out all the parts about people who oppose the council then it never happened. Well, Professor Tolbert, no matter how hard you try, you can't re-write history.

So one of us is a liar. I've shown you all the "Official" ICOIL minutes that reflect their version of the meeting and I've shown you my video of the meeting. YOU DECIDE.