Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dee Ann Hart Is Concerned

So last month when the corrupt Indiana IL Council was too scared to go to the meeting and sent Dee Ann Hart instead, at first she didn't want to stay. She threw a fit and walked out of the room. Members of ADAPT and the rest of the audience followed her out into the hall to plead with her to stay and at least hear what they had to say. Since she's not allowed to make decisions on her own, I was surprised to find out that she eventually decided to return.

But not before throwing a fit out in the hallway and insulting fellow council member Teresa Torres. After being asked to talk louder because of Torres' hearing impairment, Hart said "You need to address your issues. Go to counseling or something you have a lot of issues than need to be fixed"

You can see the (very) low quality video below.

Wow. Very professional. Very appropriate. Well, Dr. Dee Ann Hart, Ph.D seeing as how there are millions of people in this country that DO have mental and psychological disabilities, throwing that phrase out there in a derogatory way is something that I'm sure lots of people would find insulting.

Aside from the hundreds of visitors that read this blog daily, I will share this with mental health providers across the state and show them what kind of person we're dealing with here and that Indiana has appointed to a council that addresses the needs of people with disabilities.

Enjoy! And remember, This woman is supposed to be a statewide representative of all disabled people in Indiana.