Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One of us is a Liar.

You know, they say that history is only as accurate as the stories told by those who write the history books. There are people who say the Holocaust never happened or that Martin Luther King was a racist and a thief. These people just can not and will not accept things for what they are. They think that if it comes out of their mouths it must be true. But it's hard for me to understand that logic in this, the modern age of technology, what with all the hi-tech gadgets like video cameras, digital cameras and computers.

My point is that I tracked hundreds of people coming to this site to read Monday's story of October's very colorful, heated, loud, argumentative Indiana SILC meeting. I provided video, pictures and audio clips. Add to that my witty and brilliant commentary and you've got yourself a story!

But some people still refuse to acknowledge how that meeting really went down. Yesterday council member Al Tolbert of the Southern Indiana CIL sent out THESE MINUTES to members of the council. Feel free to take a peek at them. Here's what they say in a nutshell:

1. meeting was called to order
2. agenda was approved
3. last few month's minutes were passed
4. recess
5. cops came asked everyone to leave
6. meeting adjourned

Now, maybe Tolbert was at a different meeting than the one I was at, but I'm guessing he left a few things out. I wonder why? Actually I take that back. I know why. We all know why.

It's because the meeting was going so well, everyone was holding hands and smiling at each other and a little cartoon bird from the movie Bambi came in through the window and landed right on Al's shoulder. They talked about how great it was that HUD has agreed to support the creating of more affordable, accessible housing and just then - BAM! the police asked everyone to leave. Just like that. I can understand his disappointment.

I think Tolbert and the rest of the council don't want to acknowledge ADAPT. He thinks that if he leaves out all the parts about people who oppose the council then it never happened. Well, Professor Tolbert, no matter how hard you try, you can't re-write history.

So one of us is a liar. I've shown you all the "Official" ICOIL minutes that reflect their version of the meeting and I've shown you my video of the meeting. YOU DECIDE.


At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Roland W Sykes said...


My guess is that Al took one too many of his be nice meds that morning and it clouded his recollection of things. Actually I think that Al takes far too many of the be nice pills every morning. Causes him to engage in behavior that is only legal in Nevada.. Need I say more..

Roland Sykes
Watching from Framingham Mass

Keep up the good coverage of the truth.

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous The Secretary said...

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