Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ICOIL Is Not L33t But I Am.

Well, the Indiana SILC pulled a fast one on us yesterday! Yesterday, residents of Indiana along with ADAPT from Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania came to watch. The only problem was that the Council wasn't present at the meeting! Well, except Jodi James, Ramona Harvey and Teresa Torres who came with the public.

But the funny thing was, the council couldn't have been more present in the room yesterday. If every member showed up hiding behind Groucho Marx glasses I would have probably been MORE likely to say 'Gee, where is everyone?'

You see, Dee Ann Hart and Carol Baker were sent to the meeting pretending that they didn't know there wouldn't be a quorum. Hart even went as far as to straight up tell everyone she didn't know where everyone else on the council was. You gotta give them credit for showing up. I mean, it really was like a scene in one of those war movies where the Coward Sergeant throws one of his soldiers on the grenade to save his own life. Only instead of a soldier, ICOIL threw Dee Ann and Carol into the meeting for them.

But as brilliant and sneaky as the ICOIL members are, I knew they wouldn't be there. And I know where they all were during the meeting. How do I know? Well, because I'm a genius. And while I'm at it, I give you an example of some of the fun tidbits I know about you all.

Carol Baker and Nancy Young, which one of you tech-savvy computer professionals still use Windows 2000? I know it's at least one of you. Am I wrong? No. And while you're at it, using a screen resolution of 600X800 is so windows 98. You should go up to at least 768 x 1024. Also, you use MSIE 6 but Internet Explorer sucks. Upgrade. And why do you sometimes send out emails to the council but exclude certain people? I know the rest of the board does also, but some of what you guys have to say about other people on that board is just wrong. hmm..

And ATTIC, when you went onto Dimenet Monday Nov. 6th afternoon at 2:03:36 PM and read my post and then clicked the link to my blog, by that time you obviously knew what our plans were. that's me. Still not convinced? Ok, you use Safari 1.2 for your Mac OS X. Well, sometimes you also use firefox.

And greatest of all, my best friend, Keith Coros is a huge fan of this website. Oh, and you there in Tere Haute. Psst...yea, you. I saw you on here November 2nd 200610:46:00 AM. I like YOUR system specs, but switch to firefox.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yea.

Lesson #1 We're not stupid.
Lesson #2 Hiding yourself and sending your pawns into battle for you shows great leadership and is worthy of great respect.
Lesson #3 You can't hide in the world wide web.

I will have the full video up by the weekend. Along with the fight out in the hallway, the VERY nice police (seriously, they were great) and of course, more arguing. Meanwhile that sound you hear is the sounds of people rotting away in nursing homes. Something which ICOIL has the power to help change.

Give me a few days and I'll be back with full video and audio from today's meeting.
update: Wow. Nobody wasted any time today checking out this blog and the ECCIL website. And to the nice woman who works for the state down there in Indianapolis, when you ran a search for "teresa torres indiana" this morning at 9:52 AM, what were you looking for? All it did was bring you right to my "Long Awaited October ICOIL Meeting" post.


At 1:22 AM, Blogger Nick said...

Don't let the bastards get you down, fight them until every last one of our people are free!!!


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